Premium Transportation Service By Reservation Only

Ride the


Your Business and WAVE Reliable Staff = Higher Production = More Revenue/Profit

Since its inception in 1999, the WAVE has provided over 690,640 (as of 09/30/16) trips for area workers and is currently providing service to 72 different worksites. This does not include day care, schools, or training locations.



~  Improved Employee Attendance

    and timeliness

~  Filled Positions

~  Reduced Turnover Costs

~  Economic Return


A small investment in the WAVE transportation service can assist in attaining a full staff and increased productivity for your business.


~  Operates 7 days a week

~  Provides rides to daycare

    facilities for the children

    of our riders

~  Low fares

~  10-Ride MultiPass Available

~  Could be free to Fedcap


~  Offers door-to-door service



Partner with The WAVE

1  Quantify the cost to your

    business of tardiness,

    absenteeism and unfilled



2  Invest all or part of that cost in

    the WAVE to enhance employee

    reliability and productivity.


3  Call 459-9283 to speak with a

    representative about how to

    partner with the WAVE.


The WAVE is partially funded with Federal funds that must be matched by local businesses. Your investment in the WAVE is considered a local match which  allows us to continue this valuable  service to our communities.

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